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Blogs | 01/06/2017
How universities can contribute to reducing carbon emissions

Many universities want to reduce their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. How do they acquire the right insight to implement improvement measures? 

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Blogs | 14/04/2016
A simplistic sustainability truth

For Earth Day this year (April 22nd), I want to revisit a concept that Planon wrote a lot about last year. My colleague Sanne Oostendorp wondered whether… 

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Blogs | 17/09/2015
What do a flight and day-to-day facilities challenges have in common

Last year I went with my family to the splendid Cap d’Agde in the south of France. We arranged and booked everything in advance. From flights and accommodation, to the highlights we… 

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Blogs | 10/09/2015
Is sustainability expensive? After all, aren’t you funding it from saved energy costs?

The newspapers are full of it: ‘We have to achieve sustainability’. Organisations are under pressure to reduce costs while still achieving sustainability targets. This is one of the most significant… 

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Blogs | 23/07/2015
Fifty Shades of Grey? Eight Shades of Green!

It was Earth Day back in April, an annual event to raise people’s awareness of their behaviour and the affect it has on the planet… 

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Blogs | 19/03/2015
The New World of Work is sustainable! Isn’t it?

Many studies into The New World of Work suggest that working from home has a positive effect on reducing greenhouse gases. The most significant reason? Reducing the volume of… 

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Blogs | 12/11/2014
BREEAM - Don’t become fixated on that plaque beside the door

Hallmarks often serve an important purpose. But if organisations become fixated on achieving a hallmark merely to display it to the outside world, then they are defeating the… 

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