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"A Quest for Excellence": Chapter Six - People, culture and change


Six IWMS experts co-wrote “A Quest for Excellence: Guidance for CRE & FM executives implementing a global IWMS".

Planon’s book, "A Quest for Excellence" is a complete guide for those wanting to learn more about implementing global corporate real estate and facilities management software in complex cross-cultural environments. 

Corporate real estate and facilities management information systems have evolved into extensive systems that support the full scope of CRE and FM activities. This publication shares experiences and insights from customers and external market specialists from different countries. Implementing global processes and a worldwide system in complex multicultural environments is certainly not easy. However, with 30 years of experience and an international footprint, Planon offers insight and examples of how to do this successfully.

Chapter six of our book, "A Quest for Excellence" explores how to factor in the human perspective within an IWMS implementation project and why paying attention to your culture and business structures is vital to your success.

This chapter also details how to structure a winning team for a successful IWMS implementation, how to prepare your organization for the complexities of change, and how to secure buy-in from your workforce.

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