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Brochures | 09/15/2016
Learn about Planon's software and services

As a leading global software supplier, Planon helps organizations to streamline business processes for buildings, people and workplaces. Planon’s innovative solutions are proven to deliver improved efficiency and cost reduction. Read about Planon in our corporate brochure. 

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Brochures | 09/14/2016
Planon Universe

Planon Universe is an innovative Integrated Workplace Management system (IWMS) platform that unifies all stakeholders in a continuous improvement process that aims for the optimum in workplace performance. Be it a single desk or a complex environment of connected buildings scattered around the globe. 

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Brochures | 09/13/2016
Planon Real Estate Management

Planon offers a complete, integrated solution that provides your organization with a clear overview of its real estate portfolio to ensure your real estate strategy is in line with your corporate objectives anytime, anywhere. With Planon, companies can quickly evaluate total cost of ownership and maintain a holistic view of their entire portfolio. 

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Brochures | 09/12/2016
Planon Space & Workplace Management

Planon’s Space & Workplace Management solution helps organizations respond to these and other developments. Providing visibility into the distribution and occupation density of all space, enables your organization to reduce costs by ensuring the proper utilization of all space, and actually matching space utilization with departmental demands. 

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Brochures | 09/11/2016
Planon Maintenance Management

Planon’s Maintenance Management solution minimizes asset downtime and disruption by managing the entire lifecycle, from start of use, to ongoing management, to removal or sale of asset. It supports maintenance execution, do the right things at the right time in the right way, allowing you to accurately predict costs and maintenance issues while ensuring compliance to any legal requirements and helping your organization meet sustainability goals. 

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Brochures | 09/10/2016
Planon Integrated Services Management

The Planon solution delivers operational excellence in service execution and monitoring, resulting in both cost reduction and quality improvement. The Integrated Services Management solution enables the coordination of people-centric and workplace-oriented services to improve productivity and enhance workforce satisfaction. 

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Brochures | 09/09/2016
Planon Sustainability Management

At its core, sustainability is a cost-saving strategy looking for ways to reduce waste and redundancy while alleviating environmental impact. For sustainability and property managers, the Planon Sustainability Management Solution is the ideal tool for operating in line with recognized market standards and reporting in accordance with national and international guidelines. 

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Brochures | 09/08/2016
Planon Lifecycle Services

Planon offers a series of services that create a foundation of support for organizations during the full solution lifecycle. With these services, Planon brings essential knowledge and experience to help you effectively utilize your Planon solution. At the same time, these services reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your Planon solution and increase the flexibility and scalability of your organization. 

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Brochures | 09/08/2016
Planon e-learning service

In addition to traditional in-person training, Planon also offers an innovative and easy-to-access e-learning service. This allows users to access courses which are aligned to their needs and availability. They are therefore able to learn new skills autonomously, with no lost time due to travelling or associated costs. 

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Brochures | 09/07/2016
Planon Connect for BIM

Planon Connect for BIM is a unique solution that provides a bidirectional data exchange between a BIM and the Planon Universe platform to ensure consistent and relevant re-use of information for building operations, including processes like maintenance management, space management, portfolio management, and contract management. 

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Brochures | 09/07/2016
Planon and AutoCad®

Which department uses which spaces? Which offices will be empty next month? How many workstations are available on the second floor? What is the escape routing on the ground floor? In which areas are free network connections available? 

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Brochures | 09/06/2016
Planon Agile Workplace Management

Agile workplace management allows organizations to manage and optimize in real-time the daily dynamics of flexible working, meeting, and collaborating. Integrating technology with easy-to-use software on intuitive devices increases business productivity, reduces workplace costs, and improves the workplace experience. Planon Universe includes software solutions, integration technology, and best practices to successfully implement agile workplace management in any organization. 

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