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Blogs | 09/20/2018
What is the prerequisite to effectively manage your space?

Space Management is becoming more important than ever before. What actually is space? What is the current status of space management? And what is needed to effectively manage your space? 

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Webinars & videos | 10/25/2018
Live-webinar - Effective Space Management: key elements to consider

In this webinar, Susan Clarke, Principal Analyst at Verdantix explains why space management has become one of Facility and Space Managers’ main priorities. This webinar is being held at 11:00 AM EST. 

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Blogs | 09/13/2018
What Integrated Facility Services CEOs say about their technology stack

Last year, Planon partnered with Panorama, a consultancy firm dedicated to the facility management ecosystem, to better understand the trends disrupting the facility management service provider industry. 

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