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Webinar - How innovation makes an IWMS relevant and easy to use

IWMS solutions are traditionally designed and built for specialized users like maintenance experts, space planners or real estate portfolio managers. The convergence of new technologies – such as mobility, The Internet of Things, and Big Data –as well as new workforce values have laid the foundation for a broad, fundamental revolution in the IWMS landscape.

Multiple people in different job roles – all with their specific perceptions, expectations, and needs – need to collaborate and be connected in a single IWMS platform. Whether these are business employees in the office, visitors, maintenance specialists or technical field engineers: all roles need context sensitive and intuitive interaction on devices that suit their specific needs.

Planon recently launched Planon Universe, an IWMS platform with true role-based interaction including service desk employees, service managers, and back office specialists.

In this free webinar you’ll learn more about:

  •     The business need for role-based interaction in IWMS
  •     Key differences between roles, interactions and devices
  •     Planon Universe and its role-based concept
  •     Practical do’s and don’ts for relevant and intuitive interaction
  •     An example case that shows how Planon Universe unifies different roles with multiple interactions

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