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Webinar - How self-service provides easy access to your FM and Real Estate processes

A webinar about how easy-to-access and relevant self-service interaction drives a successful IWMS implementation.

Business employees expect easy and 24/7 access to any type of business support service. Whether it is booking a meeting room, reporting a malfunction or requesting a facility or service. Self-service is a proven concept to meet this expectation. As business users are not facilities management or real estate “experts” they need easy to access, relevant, and intuitive solutions. One size simply does not fit all. Users need context sensitive interaction on devices that suit their specific needs.

Planon recently launched Planon Universe, an IWMS platform with true role-based interaction including service desk employees, service managers, and back office specialists.

In this free webinar you’ll learn more about:

  • The benefits of self-service as part of an IWMS
  • Requirements for a successful implementation
  • Planon Self-Service and Apps: role based interaction on multiple devices
  • Customer cases and experiences
  • Example case: self-service as part of an integrated process 

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