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Webinar - Internet of Things - Opportunities and Challenges for CRE and FM

As Gartner mentions in its 2016 Market Vendor Guide for IWMS, all CRE and FM managers should leverage technologies resulting from the Internet of Things (IoT). By understanding the real developments around IoT, Big Data and Analytics, you can plan for its adoption. It is probably not going to be a big bang strategy. Although potentially disruptive by nature, IoT adoption in buildings calls for a well planned approach, focusing on timely returns of value.

In this webinar Planon looks at developments in IoT and how they relate to buildings. Can we leverage IoT technologies today and what value will they provide? Will buildings become “smart?” And if so, what does "smart" really mean?

In this webinar you’ll learn about:

  • The dominant principles behind IoT
  • The fundamental functions of a building that can benefit from IoT
  • The IoT-related use cases that will return tangible value
  • How to prepare and identify prerequisites and how to develop an adoption strategy

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