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"Work on the Move 2": Chapter 5 - The Real Estate Paradox: Options and Investments


Chapter 5 in Work on the Move 2

A multitude of signs suggests that the commercial real estate industry should be in turmoil. Everything from lease accounting compliance to conflicting demands on space and even the nature of buildings themselves are undergoing – or are on the verge of – transformational change.

While it seems like technology-based transformations should make the traditional office a thing of the past, when we look around us, we see a healthy, robust market in which businesses are making huge investments, rents are high, and vacancy rates are low. It’s a paradox not easily addressed, perhaps because of how fast new disruptive factors are evolving, or perhaps because those factors are affecting everyone in our industry in different ways.

In chapter 5 of Work on the Move 2, you will learn about:

  • The disruptive factors creating a real estate paradox, including technology, finance, contracts and alternative workspaces.
  • The impact of mico-leasing and other co-working spaces on portfolio management.
  • Why corporate real estate isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

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