Brochure - Planon Agile Workplace Management

Supporting the core business with suitable workplace concepts that adapt to changing needs is a key service for any facility management department.

Changing work styles make this a business critical service: people work everywhere, 24/7, and activity based. The battle for talent demands state-of-the-art buildings, technology, and services to support today’s knowledge workers and create a personalized user experience. At the same time, organizations continue to focus on cost efficiency. Workplaces are expensive, so a reliable workplace management system is important to ensure optimal utilization of these workplaces and their linked services.

Agile workplace management allows organizations to manage and optimize in real-time the daily dynamics of flexible working, meeting, and collaborating. Integrating technology with easy-to-use software on intuitive devices increases business productivity, reduces workplace costs, and improves the workplace experience. Planon Universe for Corporate Real Estate and Facility Managers includes software solutions, integration technology, and best practices to successfully implement agile workplace management in any organization.

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