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Bouygues Energies & Services: “Partnership with Planon since 2008 has enabled us to enhance our technology stack”

The arrival of public-private partnerships (PPP) in France back in 2004 changed the way that facility management assignments were handled. With the change, the responsibility for the technical management of buildings came to be under facility management.

“In addition to taking on multi-discipline issues, we offer our clients a services approach,” said Christophe Carlier, Head of Business Solution Department for Bouygues. “This area of services is very far-reaching and – in addition to tasks such as cleaning, security, reception or waste management – it also includes other jobs which are generally attributed to more general services.”

In addition to changing the definition of services, PPP also introduced new issues. Facility management contracts included in PPPs have time frames ranging from 25 years to over 40 years, which meant that Bouygues had to start taking an owner’s perspective on long-term preventative maintenance.

Ultimately, this meant that Bouygues needed a software tool to shift from single services to integrated services, from short contracts to long-term contracts, from operational support to strategic business partner, and from classic to high commitment contracts.

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