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Shell Real Estate uses Planon

Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemicals companies with over 90,000 employees in across 90 countries. Shell Real Estate is the corporate function within Shell responsible for centralising control of its real estate assets to increase operational and cost efficiencies whilst identifying opportunities to eliminate underutilised assets. Real estate and facilities are managed locally, but from a global perspective.

The Situation

In 2006 Shell had several different CAFM systems, including Planon - which was being used in their Netherlands operations. Shell realised that accurate internal benchmarking required standardisation of information and business process and that quality improvements and cost transparency were necessary in order to deliver sustained savings and operational efficiencies. After thorough consideration and review, Shell Real Estate chose Planon to implement several solutions for this global initiative.

The Solution

One of the largest IWMS rollouts globally started in several locations in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom – including the Shell Centre in London – where the Planon solutions were first put into action. Based on the success in those locations, a global blueprint and rollout was developed. The execution started in large sites, such as Houston, as well as smaller sites across the world.

The initial focus of the rollout was Self-Service, Maintenance Management (both reactive and planned) and Facility Management service delivery. Within Planon Self-Service, Shell manages their room booking and Shell employees can easily log FM requests via their desktop. Service catalogues and maintenance schedules have been standardised globally, and localised where required. In all cases, locations have focused on transparency in costs, tracking the operational performance of the service desks and effective contractor management. Another direct benefit is that with Planon, Shell has a better grip on out-ofscope work activities, which leads to immediate cost reductions.

The Benefits

Planon has transformed the way Shell Real Estate (RE) operates. More than 3,000 Shell properties, building and structures spread across 400 locations in 39 countries are now managed using Planon. By optimising the use of space and streamlining maintenance operations, Shell RE is enjoying significant and sustainable cost reductions. The buildings under management include more than 100,000 work stations and 2,000 meeting rooms.

Planon has dramatically impacted the way people at Shell RE work. The solution is fully embedded in the Shell portal and is accessible for all employees regardless if they work from home or office. About 1,800 service team members speaking seven different languages use Planon in their daily routine in performing maintenance, FM services, service desk, or space management. They rely on Planon to provide fast accurate data.

Additionally, 150,000 Shell employees and contractors have access to the intranet-based Planon Self-Service, which is integrated into the Shell portal. Planon facilitates about 40,000 service orders each month. Shell RE set up a competence center to support the user community and to assist in linking sites to Planon and to jumpstart the use of Planon’s global functionality.

Recently, Shell RE’s operations in Gabon, a site with more than 500 buildings, started using the remote tools and support of the competence center without one project team member needed on location.A seamless integration with the ERP backbone (SAP) ensures accuracy of HR and vendor data as well as a timely processing of vendor invoices.

Next Steps

In the coming months Shell will also roll out Space Management to its top 40 largest locations globally. The solution will help the company determine the efficiency of its office space usage locally and globally, and will help facilitate initiatives such as ‘Shellworks’, an occupancy improvement initiative.

The seamless integration between Planon and AutoCAD will ensure the solution is populated with reliable data and that drawings contain up-to-date occupancy data. This will help facilitate occupancy measurement, charge-backs, cross-site benchmarking and move management. The whole process of global standardisation has taken several years and is now supported by an integrated IT architecture which is designed to support the future growth of Planon software within Shell.


Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemicals companies with over 90,000 employees in more than 90 countries and territories. Their innovative approach ensures Shell is ready to help tackle the challenges of the new energy future.

Shell - Key Data

  • Over 3,000 properties across 39 countries are managed using Planon

  • 150,000 employees and contractors have access to Planon Self-Service

  • Planon facilitates about 40,000 service orders each month

  • 1,800 service team members speaking seven different languages use Planon in their daily routine

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