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Planon Apps enable employees to easily search for available workstations with their smartphones. Planon Apps utilize smartphone features such as location awareness and the built-in digital camera. This creates an end-to-end solution that enables process innovation and customer value.

Features of Planon Apps

  • Check meeting room availability and view its facilities like projection and video conferencing
  • Book a meeting room or workplace on-the-go by scanning a QR code or RFID tag
  • Easily extend a reservation should the meeting run long
  • Search for available rooms or find a colleague using an actual floorplan
  • Submit incident or malfunction utilizing photos, or check the status of previous requests

Would you like a free 14 day trial of Planon Apps? Simply download Planon Apps from the App Store℠ for iOS or Google Play™ for Android™. Then fill in your details on the right-hand side, and we'll create a demo account to get you started. You will receive the login details by email.You get two weeks to investigate the Apps functionality. Be sure to show it to your colleagues to get their feedback.

If you have any questions, or problems setting up your instance of Planon Apps, please contact us via: so we can help.

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