Video - An integrated platform for buildings and the people who use them

The workforce of the future will be structured around projects and collaborative teams, not just by job function. This will create new challenges for corporate real estate executives, such as the need for more flexibility in the workplace, and a rise in demand for an inspiring and productive workplace experience. To achieve this, a comprehensive, integrated view of all real estate data and processes is needed, which includes the need for insight from multiple perspectives.


Interested in knowing more about the work environment of the future? Read our white paper about the top 10 trends that will shape both real estate and facility management by 2022. Did you enjoy the video? Please share it with others in your network.

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Brochure - Planon Real Estate Management

Planon offers a complete, integrated solution that provides your organization with a clear overview of its real estate portfolio to ensure your real estate strategy is in line with your corporate objectives anytime, anywhere. With Planon, companies can quickly evaluate total cost of ownership and maintain a holistic view of their entire portfolio. 

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White papers 04/26/2019
White Paper - The added value of the Internet of Things for Real Estate and Facility Management

The "Internet of Things" is probably one of the most discussed phenomena these days. What is the added value of IoT for Real Estate and Facility Management? 

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White papers 02/14/2017
Assessment - Are you in control of your real estate?

It is increasingly critical to have a solid real estate strategy. Real estate managers are tasked with staying within budget and reporting accurate numbers for crucial, expensive decisions. Answer these six simple questions to find out whether you are truly in control on your most expensive asset: your real estate. 

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