Webinar - Benchmark your real estate portfolio

BenchCoRE is an initiative developed by CoreNet Global, which aggregates and standardizes real estate portfolio data on a variety of cost, efficiency and portfolio profile characteristics for CoreNet Global members around the world.

This state-of-the-art real estate benchmarking system is founded on years of research and identifies patterns, trends and opportunities for corporate real estate executives to deploy as they pursue cost and efficiency strategies.

Planon understands that the added-value of its software is the delivery of high-quality management information. Therefore, Planon's IWMS platform includes unique functionality that allows clients to quickly and easily export data already formatted to the BenchCoRE specifications. This makes it very easy to participate in this initiative and to maximize the efficient re-use of data.

In this valuable webinar you will:

  • Learn the benefits from and mechanisms behind real estate benchmarking
  • Gain insight into BenchCoRe and its extensive reporting capabilities
  • See how data from Planon's IWMS is easily exchanged with this benchmark
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