Webinar - Implementing a global IWMS

In this webinar, you will learn more about the most important choices you’ll have to make when implementing an IWMS on a global scale.

Technology changes, globalization, and new thinking about work have had a major effect on real estate strategies, workplace concepts and facility services. The time that a local manager took care of the local space needs is gone. In most organizations, Corporate Real Estate (CRE) and Facilities Management (FM) have become integrated corporate functions.

In this era of change, it is easy to see the need for an integrated system. However, implementing a worldwide solution in a complex cross-cultural environment is a different matter. Once the decision has been made to implement an IWMS and the preferred system has been selected, there are a number of specific challenges for cross-border rollouts. Supporting multiple sites in multiple countries with different cultures, legislations and circumstances leads to extra challenges.

Some choices that will be discussed are:

  • Global processes only or combined with local fine-tuning?
  • What system languages, currencies and standards are used?
  • “Big Bang” implementation or a phased rollout per site or country?
  • What global or local systems need to be integrated and how?
  • Utilize available Best Practices or design and build your own solution?
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