Webinar - Why standardization in IWMS is a must-have

Long before the invention of clocks, people marked the passage of time using the position of the sun in their local village. Each community had its own sundial and therefore local time. This worked well for what was until then, a predominantly “localized” way of life. This era came to an end when advances in technology allowed people to communicate and travel at a speed that meant standardized time zones became a necessity.

This example can easily be applied to the rapid globalization of organizations. Experience shows that localized practices, multiple standards, and a wide variety of local processes make it hard to obtain a single reliable overview on, for example, the performance of your real estate portfolio. Not having a single set of definitions or metrics and a lack of standardized processes, will make analyzing and comparing performances a time-consuming and error-prone process.

In this free webinar we will share with you:

  • The economic benefits of standardization
  • Seven industry standards that impact IWMS implementations
  • How standardization allows you to benchmark your CRE and FM performance with your peers

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