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Balancing Priorities

How the evolution of FM is impacting service providers

For the Facility Management Journal’s issue on “Evolution of FM,” Marc Wetzelaer of Planon digs deeper into three of the more recently developing market trends impacting service providers, and therefore their clients:

  1. The dynamic workforce: It is well-known that the facility management industry has a dynamic workforce: current staff are getting older, fewer skilled professionals are entering the industry, and employees are leaving for higher wages.
  2. Environmental impact: Service providers need to reduce their own carbon footprint. But they also need to support clients in being greener.
  3. Emerging technologies: Facility management service providers face the challenge of evaluating, adopting, and profiting from new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), social media, robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI).

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This article originally ran in the FMJ, the official magazine of the International Facility Management Association.

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