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Get a free copy of Planon’s book “A Quest for Excellence”

Request your free copy of Planon’s book on global IWMS implementations

Six IWMS experts share insight and examples for successful IWMS implementations. Whether your team is just getting started or making great headway in your IWMS project, use this IWMS implementation guide to help organize your team and make informed decisions moving forward.

This book offers guidance and expertise on:

  • Top questions to answer for senior management
  • How to align with core business goals
  • History of IWMS and new technologies to consider
  • Best strategies for forward thinking CRE and FM professionals to secure company-wide buy-in for IWMS projects

Take advantage of the many cases and scenarios outlined in this book as well as the new ideas and lessons learned from Planon’s 30+ years of experience in successful, international IWMS implementations.

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