Operations Command Center

Planon Operations Command Center is one of the four capabilities in Planon Universe for Service Providers.

The Operations Command Center solution ensures the right people are doing the right work at the right time. From managing requests as they come in and assigning them based on skills to ordering supplies and determining exceptions, this solution is the backbone of a service provider’s business operations.

Based on standardized workflows, automated notifications and KPIs, you can monitor progress, costs and time spent on work in real time. This allows you to continuously evaluate priorities, mitigate risks and identify improvement opportunities.

The solution ultimately enables an efficient work allocation and execution, which increases operating benefits such as productivity, profitability, processing speed, flexibility and services quality.

In addition to Planon’s robust functionality, this platform also offers extensive integration capabilities, including with HR and finance. For example, Planon’s software can automatically create work orders from a BMS or other systems, funnel updates back to these systems, as well as interpret input from sensors and other IoT devices.

"We can significantly improve our processes in all locations thanks to this solution, guaranteeing a consistent and professional market presentation. This ultimately produces better services at lower costs"

Daniel Zawadzki - Project Leader at RGM

Collect and manage work requests

Collect and manage work requests

The solution automatically collects work and activities that are generated from a wide range of sources. These include customer contracts, the customer portal, assets and planned preventative maintenance schedules, the service desk, health and safety regulations, or any connected external system such as BMS. To optimize planning and execution, each activity is labeled with information such as priority, type of work, skills needed, default time spend, and costs.

Assign and dispatch work orders

Assign and dispatch work orders

Based on preset configurations, the solution can dispatch work automatically and immediately to the right resource or subcontractor. For other work, the solution supports multiple resource planning tools, each with its specific resources and types of work. Planners can analyze resource skills and capacities, check availabilities, and allocate work to team members with a simple drag and drop. In the case of special or mass resource scheduling, the solution integrates with external scheduling engines.

Monitor work performance and communicate updates

Monitor work performance and communicate updates

Engineers and subcontractors can access allocated work in multiple ways by using the full solution via the web or the specialized mobile solution. During execution, the workforce is supported with immediate access to work order details, material handling, stock management and time registration. In addition to correct billing, this allows precise performance monitoring on contractual agreements and processing efficiencies. Once the work is finished, online questionnaires collect customer feedback on perceived quality.

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Brochure - Planon Universe for Service Providers

Planon Universe for Service Providers accelerates your business with targeted software that makes service offering, planning, execution, monitoring and billing more efficient, scalable and transparent with extensive process automation and seamless integration. 

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SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa enhances operational processes with Planon software

Planon announced today that SPIE is one of the first German customers for Planon’s software solution specifically for commercial service providers. 

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Case Study - Bouygues Energies & Services

Bouygues needed a software tool to shift from single services to integrated services, from short contracts to long-term contracts, from operational support to strategic business partner, and from classic to high commitment contracts. 

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