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Registering all your building related data in one centralized and structured database is the first step within the Real Estate Management solution. This solution supports data input and data maintenance with very easy to use interfaces, data import tools, and standardized integrations with AutoCAD®, Building Information Modeling (BIM) - and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). This allows a maximized re-use of existing data and at the same time makes your life easier in keeping data accurate. Key in this solution is the use of standardized classifications like property functions, space categories and space measurement methods, including the setup of multi languages, multi currencies and multi units. Based on these standards, Planon software ensures consistent data and a compliant data management process. This maximizes transparency in your portfolio, an integrated support of all real estate processes and ensures reliable management information.

Why Planon software

  • By default integrated with all other Planon solutions
  • Supports global real estate portfolios with multi language, multi currency, multi measurements and multi time zone functions
  • Offers easy and secure integration with your existing financial and ERP systems like SAP or Oracle
  • Is compliant with global and local lease accounting standards
  • Supports global real estate standards like IPD, BOMA, CEN and local fine-tuning in one go

Your benefits

  • Eliminates spreadsheets and reduces local administration to lessen effort and costs
  • Full control on lease management and payments that maximize compliance and financial performances
  • Insight in portfolio and processes that allows you to save space and reduce costs
  • KPIs and management information that supports portfolio decision making
  • Real estate that supports the strategic goals of your organization

The Planon Real Estate Management solution registers all basic, financial, functional and technical real estate data and documentation within a single integrated database. All data is immediately available for all real estate processes and even process from other Planon solutions. This ensures a single registration of data, a guaranteed consistency and lowest effort to maintain data. Existing sources of data like CAD drawings, GIS systems or ERP solutions like SAP can easily be connected to exchange static and dynamic data with this solution.

Property data, such as:

Property data, such as:

  • Property code, name, type, status, address, geo-position, documents
  • Land register, owner- and parcel data, portfolio- and asset manager
  • Gross, rentable and net areas, technical condition, workplace capacity
Financial data, such as:

Financial data, such as:

  • Actual book value, purchase price, depreciation scheme
  • Commercial value, last taxation data, tax and insurance value
  • Lease invoices, payments, cash flow, due dates
Lease contract data, such as:

Lease contract data, such as:

  • Contract code, type, group, status, contractors, spaces, price, and payment details
  • Start date, duration, end date, notice period, notice date
  • Contract indexations, renewals, options, addendums, contract history
Sustainability data, such as:

Sustainability data, such as:

  • Energy label, BREEAM or LEED label, date of certification
  • Annual energy consumption and costs
  • Annual carbon emission
Space data, such as:

Space data, such as:

  • Space code, name, type, category, status
  • AutoCAD® drawing, space areas, graphical space mappings
  • Permits, hazards, documents


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