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Reliable output and comparable KPIs are the basis to ensure a compliant reporting and to identify potential costs and emission reductions. The Planon Sustainability Management solution includes many standard reports to ensure compliance with legislation and corporate reporting. Additionally, the solution includes a unique and full web based graphical dashboard that gives immediate access to sustainability KPIs that show the interrelationship between consumption, carbon emission and costs. This information helps managers to identify reliable saving opportunities, analyze the impact of executed measures, and communicate results throughout the organization.

Why Planon software

  • Very easy to access graphical management information
  • Compose KPIs and cross-portfolio analyses dynamically in your web browser
  • Deep dive within dashboards to analyze the underlying information in more detail
  • Analyze historical information and include future forecasts in your KPIs
  • KPIs are generated real-time from data and processes in the Planon Sustainability Management solution

Your benefits

  • Integrated management information and KPIs create visibility in your sustainability performance
  • Get a full understanding of the interrelationship of consumption, carbon emission and costs
  • Analyze impacts of projects and measurement over time and report results to management
  • With KPIs you immediately identify excessive consumptions and savings opportunities in your portfolio
  • Compliant reporting that supports your decision making process and contributes to corporate sustainability reporting

The Planon Sustainability Management solution includes a web based information tool that allows you to compose and report any type of consumption, emissions, costs and audit analyses easily and intuitively. All data and information from Planon’s Sustainability Management Solution is automatically aggregated and consolidated into graphical dashboards for any impact area, any building and building type. This solution allows you to easily analyze key information about consumptions, emissions and costs over time, benchmark performance, and identify improvement opportunities within your portfolio.

Monitoring dashboards:

Monitoring dashboards:

  • Immediately identify excessive consumption, emissions or costs in your portfolio, and have insight on the interrelationship of these aspects
  • Analyze historical and actual information for any selected combination of impact areas in one overview or in separate dashboards
  • Drilldown in the dashboards to analyze additional details, print your charts and corresponding data into PDF format or export your data to Microsoft®Excel
Audits dashboards:

Audits dashboards:

  • Analyze the number of closed and open audits in your portfolio and see at a glance what buildings have what scores
  • Deep dive into the dashboards, view the audit results in any desired detail and analyze the bandwidth of scores in your building portfolio
  • Immediately identify the sustainability performance of any individual building and have insight on the interrelationship of assessment scores
Create your KPI settings:

Create your KPI settings:

  • Choose the type of KPI you wish to report with totals displayed like energy per sq ft, per headcount or per workstation and easily switch between KPI type during your analysis
  • To aggregate and compare KPIs you can select from the graphical map any region or country and even select the property types like offices, warehouses, or production facilities you would like to include in your analyses
  • Set the period of time you like to include in your analyses where historical information can be combined with actual information in a single dashboard

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