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CAFM | Computer Aided Facility Management

Improve long-term planning with CAFM

Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) software enables Facility Managers to plan, execute and monitor all activities involved in reactive and planned preventative maintenance, space and move management, asset management, operational facility services, room reservations and other customer services. Recently, CAFM software has experienced major developments in both functionality and technology, making it that much more valuable for Facility Managers.

CAFM - what you need to know

The start of CAFM

The first generation facility management systems were known as CAFM. Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), and Facility Management Information System (FMIS) were also commonly used terms. Although they were considered integrated, most of these systems tended to focus on specific areas of facility management, including maintenance management and space management. Some of the first generation systems with space management even provided integration with AutoCad on a basic level.

Regardless of their initial limitations, users were still able to derive benefits from early generation CAFM systems. Structured and centralized data and processes led, for example, to cost reduction and improved customer satisfaction - but integrated facility management solutions were still in their infancy. Over the recent years, the professionalization of facility management and corporate real estate management, along with rapid innovation in technology ultimately helped to accelerate the growth of these systems.

IDC MarketScape - Facility Management

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CAFM | Computer Aided Facility Management

CAFM software enables facility managers in relation to space and move management, reactive and planned maintenance, operational facility services and more.

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