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Adapting your workplace to the 'New Now'

During this COVID-19 crisis, much is being asked of real estate and facilities teams. Many of our customers are tasked with supporting and implementing new safety measures and processes to adapt to the ‘new normal’.

Our highest priority is to support you as Planon customers during these challenging times and provide you with the latest information and use cases within Planon software, to help you and your teams address your changing real estate and facilities needs.

Watch this video to hear from Planon’s CEO Pierre Guelen and our Solution Director for Corporate Real Estate and Facilities Management, David Stillebroer as they walk you through some examples of Planon Use Cases that you can configure in your IWMS solution today to support your workplace re-entry strategy.

Supporting you in every phase

Real estate and facilities teams play a major role in every phase of the crisis cycle. Below you see a chart of what we’ve seen so far. Organizations have had to adapt to the cancellation of office activities and support their employees by enabling them to work from home. Organizations have leaned on their facilities teams to keep business critical facilities and processes in place. Now we are entering a time where the focus is shifting to business recovery and Planon is here to support you and your teams as you create and launch a workplace re-entry strategy.

Pandemic response resources

Keeping Our Buildings Healthy as We Recover

Buildings can’t catch COVID-19, but they may end up suffering from it. Neglect is a problem for buildings. They may not suffer wear and tear from humans during this time, but they remain subject to natural elements – wind, rain, freeze-thaw cycles – and to vandalism, break-ins and other malicious acts. 

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IFMA Foundation - Pandemic Manual

Businesses are hoping to re-open their doors to employees and customers, but their buildings must be safe before they can be occupied. The IFMA Foundation has published a new pandemic survival guide for companies planning to open their facilities and resume operations. This manual also includes an appendix article from Planon that explores workplace re-entry strategy from a technology perspective. Get a copy. 

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White Paper - Planon use cases for a Pandemic Response

Leverage all the potential of your Planon software to ensure business continuity and support business recovery in times of a pandemic response. 

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