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Webinars & videos | 03/02/2017
Live Webinar | Staying competitive with FM/RE technologies for the digital workplace

On Thursday, March 2nd, 2017 at 1:00 - 1:30 PM EST, join authors from the newest release, Work on the Move 2, as they discuss the technologies required to stay competitive in the workplace, and what the future of FM and RE could look like in 2020. 

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Webinars & videos | 02/05/2017
Webinar - IFMA Banking Council Webinar

Does your corporate headquarters have unused, vacant space? Are you noticing more and more empty offices at your branch locations? So, what is the plan?Watch this webinar from the Banking Institutions and Credit Union Council (BICUC) discussing the reasons for all this vacant space. 

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Webinars & videos | 01/31/2017
Video | How technology disrupts Real Estate and Facility Management

Analysts estimate that 50% of human control functions will disappear in the next five years. Real Estate and Facility Management face drastic changes in operating models and processes. However, technology will help you find innovative solutions. 2:28 

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Webinars & videos | 01/31/2017
Video | How to build a business case for IWMS

Before selecting and implementing an Integrated Workplace Management Systems, we recommend making a business case including internal and external costs and monetary and non-monetary benefits from a three year perspective. 2:36 

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Webinars & videos | 01/31/2017
Video | What is an IWMS?

Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) are software solutions that enable executives and managers to reduce facility management costs and increase business productivity, compliance, and transparency. 2:31 

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Webinars & videos | 01/19/2017
Video | Innovations in Planon Universe

On this page we keep you up-to-date with what’s new in Planon Universe, our IWMS platform that combines innovative software with proven best-practices and professional services. 

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Webinars & videos | 01/18/2017
Video | Meet the Experts

In our new series ‘Meet the Experts’ you can have a look behind the scenes of Planon and learn more about Planon’s people and processes. 3:01 

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Webinars & videos | 01/17/2017
Video | Workplace Innovation at PGGM

PGGM had been using Planon’s software solutions for accommodation processes, multi-year maintenance planning, CAD integration, reservations and facility services for several years. 4:03 

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Webinars & videos | 11/17/2016
Seeing Real Estate from a different angle: transparency, compliance, and alignment with core activities

This webinar covers the disruptive factors creating a paradox in real estate priorities and how Planon Universe IWMS ensures compliance and portfolio transparency. 19:16 

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Webinars & videos | 09/02/2016
5 tips to effectively navigate through the IWMS landscape

In this webinar, we’ll walk you through the key components you need to make your business case for an IWMS clear and effective. We’ll also discuss strategies for communicating with vendors to make sure every meeting and demo you’re involved in is a step in the right direction for selecting the best IWMS for your organization. 25:18 

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Webinars & videos | 07/07/2016
How Cloud-based IWMS Offers New Opportunities for FM and CRE Managers

In this webinar we show you the benefits and opportunities of Cloud-based IWMS deployment. 17:07 

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Webinars & videos | 06/03/2016
Internet of Things—Opportunities and Challenges for CRE and FM

In this webinar Planon looks at developments in IoT and how they relate to buildings. Can we leverage IoT technologies today and what value will they provide? Will buildings become “smart?” And if so, what does "smart" really mean? 24:23  

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