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Webinars & videos | 03/02/2017
Live Webinar | Staying competitive with FM/RE technologies for the digital workplace

On Thursday, March 2nd, 2017 at 1:00 - 1:30 PM EST, join authors from the newest release, Work on the Move 2, as they discuss the technologies required to stay competitive in the workplace, and what the future of FM and RE could look like in 2020. 

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Webinars & videos | 02/05/2017
Webinar - IFMA Banking Council Webinar

Does your corporate headquarters have unused, vacant space? Are you noticing more and more empty offices at your branch locations? So, what is the plan?Watch this webinar from the Banking Institutions and Credit Union Council (BICUC) discussing the reasons for all this vacant space. 

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Webinars & videos | 01/31/2017
Video | How technology disrupts Real Estate and Facility Management

Analysts estimate that 50% of human control functions will disappear in the next five years. Real Estate and Facility Management face drastic changes in operating models and processes. However, technology will help you find innovative solutions. 2:28 

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Webinars & videos | 05/06/2016
Mobility Empowers the Workforce and Workplace

Today it seems like everything related to the workplace – except for the buildings themselves – has become mobile. Computers, phones, documents, and the workers who use them move with ease from one setting to another. All of that personal and business mobility spawns an ever-increasing need for productivity tools that move along with workers and their devices. 12:35 

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Webinars & videos | 03/11/2016
Understanding FASB's impact on facilities

In this webinar you will learn more about FASB’s impact on facilities. New accounting standard from the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) are requiring companies and organizations to include lease obligations on their balance sheets, changing lease accounting to be more complex than it used to be. We'll show you the practical implications of this on your real estate and facilities. 24:16  

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Webinars & videos | 02/11/2016
Adapting to the modern workplace

In this webinar you will learn more about improving the employee experience, increasing productivity, and reducing unutilized space through agile workplace management. Embracing technology can make reserving a conference room through Planon as easy as requesting a ride through Uber, and ordering more inventory as easy as getting a movie ticket through Fandango. 28:21  

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Webinars & videos | 12/01/2015
Implementing a global IWMS

In this webinar, you will learn more about the most important choices you’ll have to make when implementing an IWMS on a global scale. 30:06  

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Webinars & videos | 11/06/2015
Why standardization in IWMS is a must-have

Experience shows that localized practices, multiple standards, and a wide variety of local processes make it hard to obtain a single reliable overview on, for example, the performance of your real estate portfolio. Not having a single set of definitions or metrics and a lack of standardized processes, will make analyzing and comparing performances a time-consuming and error-prone process. 23:04  

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Webinars & videos | 07/11/2015
How specialized mobile solutions improve field services execution

A webinar about innovative mobile solutions that connect technicians and engineers with your back office to support them in efficient maintenance work. Planon recently launched Planon Universe, an IWMS platform with true role based interaction to support technicians and field engineers, unifying them with all other stakeholders. 

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Webinars & videos | 07/09/2015
How self-service provides easy access to your FM and Real Estate processes

A webinar about how easy-to-access and relevant self-service interaction drives a successful IWMS implementation. Planon recently launched Planon Universe, an IWMS platform with true role-based interaction that provides self-service users easy access to RE and FM processes. 18:27  

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Webinars & videos | 07/08/2015
How innovation makes an IWMS relevant and easy to use

IWMS solutions are traditionally designed and built for specialized users like maintenance experts, space planners or real estate portfolio managers. The convergence of new technologies – such as mobility, The Internet of Things, and Big Data –as well as new workforce values have laid the foundation for a broad, fundamental revolution in the IWMS landscape. 23:58 

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Webinars & videos | 07/05/2015
FM Outsourcing

Market research confirms that 60% of FM services are outsourced to commercial service providers, and that trend is growing. Main drivers for outsourcing remain focused on core business, cost efficiency, flexibility, and improved quality. In reality, customers and providers face a diversity of challenges during the implementation and exploitation of these contracts. Issues regarding scope, quality, timing, billing, communication and culture have a large impact on the final benefits from outsourcing. 28:23  

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