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Webinars | 11/17/2016
Seeing Real Estate from a different angle: transparency, compliance, and alignment with core activities

This webinar covers the disruptive factors creating a paradox in real estate priorities and how Planon Universe IWMS ensures compliance and portfolio transparency. 19:16 

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Webinars | 09/02/2016
5 tips to effectively navigate through the IWMS landscape

In this webinar, we’ll walk you through the key components you need to make your business case for an IWMS clear and effective. We’ll also discuss strategies for communicating with vendors to make sure every meeting and demo you’re involved in is a step in the right direction for selecting the best IWMS for your organization. 25:18 

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Webinars | 07/07/2016
How Cloud-based IWMS Offers New Opportunities for FM and CRE Managers

In this webinar we show you the benefits and opportunities of Cloud-based IWMS deployment. 17:07 

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Webinars | 07/05/2015
FM Outsourcing

Market research confirms that 60% of FM services are outsourced to commercial service providers, and that trend is growing. Main drivers for outsourcing remain focused on core business, cost efficiency, flexibility, and improved quality. In reality, customers and providers face a diversity of challenges during the implementation and exploitation of these contracts. Issues regarding scope, quality, timing, billing, communication and culture have a large impact on the final benefits from outsourcing. 28:23  

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Webinars | 07/04/2015
What Real Estate and Facility Managers need to know about Big Data

Although Big Data is a hot topic, its application and value proposition for Real Estate and Facility Management is still in the early stages of development. View this webinar to discover - what actually is Big Data, the relevance of Big Data for Real Estate and FM, sources of Big Data and connections with IWMS, the value proposition and guidelines to develop a Big Data strategy, as well as examples of Big Data and business analytics. 48:44  

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Webinars | 06/03/2015
Benchmark your Real Estate portfolio

BenchCoRE is an initiative developed by CoreNet Global, which aggregates and standardizes real estate portfolio data on a variety of cost, efficiency and portfolio profile characteristics for CoreNet Global members around the world. This state-of-the-art real estate benchmarking system is founded on years of research and identifies patterns, trends and opportunities for corporate real estate executives to deploy as they pursue cost and efficiency strategies. 36:13  

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Webinars | 12/16/2014
What you need to know about BIM

With everyone talking about Building Information Modeling (BIM), the question is what advantages you, as a facility or real estate manager, can glean from this model during the management and maintenance phase of your buildings. Learn more about the possibilities of linking a BIM with your Facility Management Software. 14:42  

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Webinars | 11/03/2014
How technology enables flexible working

Technology innovations, such as those adopted by Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS), enable a smooth implementation, support, and management of workforce mobility by providing your business employees with smart tools that facilitate increased productivity and the best workplace experience. 16:29  

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Webinars | 03/17/2014
Real Estate Strategy

Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) have shown to be a successful instrument for Real Estate executives and service providers. By delivering high level, easy to access and interpret management information from an integrated and process based solution, IWMS brings you transparency and increased control of your Real Estate. In this webinar, Planon presents concrete and proven IT solutions that increase control, portfolio transparency and added value when aligning your portfolio strategy, including interesting case studies of Planon IWMS implementation at Unilever, Bayer Real Estate and… 

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