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Planon’s ecosystem is expanding every day, and we are committed to bringing you the best and most innovative solutions to help you streamline your operations and enhance your overall efficiency. Our Marketplace is a one-stop-shop where you can find a wide range of specialised applications to extend your Planon solutions and add more value to your business.

Check Unique Field Combinations

A Planon Platform extension to validate data and ensure there are no duplicates or multiple records with identical values for configured field combinations.

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Full support for streamlining the cleaning process, from initial contract registration, capacity and operational planning to operations, quality review and billing.

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Conditionally Clear Fields

A Planon Platform extension to automatically clear the data in specified fields based on the configured settings.

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This image shows the logo of the Planon Comlog Copy app.

Planon Extension - Comlog Copy

This app copies comlogs from the parent order to suborders and vice versa.

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This image shows the logo of Planon QR Code Generator app.

Planon Extension - QR Code Generator

Use this Planon app to generate a QR code based on the value of a field.

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Logo of Planon partner Datarotonde.

Datarotonde Service Request Communication App

Service requests delivered directly to your service provider’s system. Digital, automatic, secure, immediate and up-to-date feedback on the status.

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Disruptive Technologies

Quantifying building benefits by using the tiny and flexible smart sensors of Disruptive Technologies to enable safer, more sustainable and more efficient operations.

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Door Tablet

When integrated with Planon software, Door Tablet’s digital signage solution results in a visual, user-friendly and interactive solution for room booking.

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When integrated with Planon, eMitter IoT pest control devices enable reliable monitoring in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of pest control.

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