Logo of control IT.

control.IT is a software company specialising in real estate asset and portfolio management in the DACH region with its SaaS products bison.box and CollaborationApp. control.IT was acquired by the Planon Group in 2023. The acquisition also included control.IT subsidiaries easol GmbH and Synapplix GmbH.

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Logo of Ubigreen.

Ubigreen, a PropTech company headquartered in Toulouse, France, is dedicated to energy performance and workspace optimisation. In 2023, the Planon Group acquired a majority share in Ubigreen.

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Logo of AIA

AIA, based in Zürich, Switzerland, specialises in the implementation of CAFM and IWMS systems. AIA joined the Planon Group in 2022. AIA has been fully integrated into Planon and now functions as the Planon Switzerland office since 2023.

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SPM Assets is a provider of specialised asset management services and software in Australia and New Zealand for owners and managers of building portfolios. In 2022, Planon acquired a majority stake in SPM Assets.

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COOR is an international group specialised in the development and implementation of software solutions for real estate owners and developers. COOR was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Salzburg, Austria. COOR joined the Planon Group in 2022.

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Logo of Axonize - A Planon Company.

Axonize was an Israel-based developer of a cloud-based IoT platform, which enabled simple and fast connectivity, allowing for high volumes of devices to be connected and providing the scalability required for customers to deploy their IoT use-cases effectively and with increased speed. Axonize was added to the Planon Group in 2021. Its IoT platform has been fully integrated into the Planon Platform.

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Reasult is a software company that optimises the financial performance of real estate portfolios and projects. Reasult’s software solutions are used by real estate developers, asset managers and social housing corporations in the Dutch- and German-speaking markets. In 2021, Planon obtained a majority stake in Reasult, and in 2022 the company was fully acquired.

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Logo of ConjectFM.

In 2018, the CAFM software business conjectFM was acquired from Aconex.

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Logo of SamFM - A Planon Company.

SamFM, originally known as SiteAlpha, is a digital maintenance and service management platform, specialising in the French-speaking market. SamFM was the first addition to the Planon Group in 2011.

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