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Experience at first hand the integrated functionality, ease-of-use and flexibility of Planon Universe. Your personalised demonstration will align with your requirements, is the opportunity for you to ask questions and to gain the insights needed to choose and implement the right system for you.

During this live demo you will be able to:

  1. Gain important insights to validate your business case.
  2. See how your specific needs are covered in Planon’s software.
  3. Explore the solution’s rich functionality and its benefits.
  4. Experience the ease-of-use and intuitive navigation.
  5. Learn new ideas and input from our experienced specialists.

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Why choose Planon?

  • Proven: 35+ years of experience at thousands of customers worldwide, and recognised by Gartner as a leading global software provider in corporate real estate and facility management.
  • Innovative: delivering state-of-the-art software, best practices and services that drive efficiency and innovation in your business.
  • Easy-to-use: intuitive, easy-to-use and integrated solutions that are based on a single-source-of-truth.
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