Integrated Services Management for The City of Rotterdam

11 March 2014 – With over 600,000 inhabitants the City of Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands. However, many Dutch cities are facing significant budget cuts from the government. Despite this, the Rotterdam Service Organisation (RSO) aims to continually improve the quality of its support services and the level of its client satisfaction. To achieve this aim, the municipality opted for ‘performance-based purchasing’ (best value procurement). This purchasing strategy allowed Rotterdam to select the contractor that represents the best match with their organisational goals.

With Planon Accelerator, Rotterdam will be able to integrate all of its internal support processes into a single tool with a project-based approach that fits with their organisation. As Bjorn van Rosengarten, manager of the service centre for Information & Automation (I&A), explains, “The success of our venture with Planon will depend on how well we work as partners. During the selection procedure, it became clear to us that Planon’s approach and focus was in line with our own. In particular, the passion, professional excellence, and motivation at Planon made the difference.”

Working with Planon, Rotterdam will implement a phased introduction of the service management solution, which will apply to every organisational unit of the municipality. The end goal of the municipality is to provide a flexible and ready-made solution that can easily be modified by its employees to meet the changing needs of users and suppliers as well as changes in laws and regulations. The new integrated system will make it possible for internal users and external suppliers to communicate and deal with all types of incident reports, requests and orders via a single service point, regardless of the communication channel chosen – e.g. via the service desk, telephone, e-mail, post or the web.

Download the brochure on Planon Space & Workplace Services Management to learn more about this solution.

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