Planon maintains a global network of technology partners. Each partner offers its own unique mix
of expertise, skills, solutions and services to ensure maximum business value for Planon's customers.

AurAir Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Include AurAir indoor air quality measurements in the Planon facility management system in order to measure, monitor and improve your air quality performance.

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Automatic User Account Creation

A Planon Platform extension that offers additional functionality for creating and managing Planon user accounts.

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Automatic WebDAV Folder Creation

A Planon Platform extension to automatically create a new folder in WebDAV when a specified field in a record is inserted or updated.

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Axonize’s smart building platform in combination with the Planon facility management solution makes it easy to integrate IoT devices via Axonize in Planon.

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bGrid’s integrated sensor technology delivers data related to communication, positioning, sensing and controlling, directly integrated into the Planon Universe.

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BoardOnn enables you to efficiently onboard or update locations, spaces and assets and make cleaning and maintenance processes more efficient and intelligent.

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Building Circularity Index (BCI)

Use the Building Circularity Index tool to determine the circular potential of a building based on recognised methods for environmental impact and circularity.

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Check Unique Field Combinations

A Planon Platform extension to validate data and ensure there are no duplicates or multiple records with identical values for configured field combinations.

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Full support for streamlining the cleaning process, from initial contract registration, capacity and operational planning to operations, quality review and billing.

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