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Are your buildings ready for the summer?

Spring cleaning is out and hot summer checklists are in! Make sure your buildings are summer-proof with this facility management checklist.

Summer is here and higher temperatures are just around the corner. As facility managers, it’s essential to ensure your buildings are ready for the hot season. You’ve likely already been preparing, but here’s a checklist of areas you absolutely don’t want to overlook.

With the right preparation and tools, you can face any challenges that might occur this season.

HVAC System Maintenance

With increased air conditioning use during the summer, your HVAC system must be in top shape. Schedule a professional inspection, clean or replace air filters, and check any possible worn-out parts. Regular maintenance prevents dust and allergens from spreading, ensuring good indoor air quality.

Energy Management

The warm temperatures in the summer bring higher energy bills due to increased cooling. Install smart thermostats in your highest cost or most utilised areas to optimise your energy consumption and conduct an energy audit. If possible, solar panels can also contribute to improving your energy management and sustainability reports.

Server Room Cooling

Ensure server rooms remain cool by keeping an eye on their cooling systems. Regularly check and adjust temperature settings to prevent overheating.

Outdoor Maintenance

Summer means quick growth of lawns, trees, and plants. Make sure your terraces are ready, outdoor furniture is maintained, and sun protection devices are in place. Build a watering schedule to maintain a healthy and beautiful landscape around your property, without wasting water.

Pest Control

As you may know, warm weather can increase pest activity. Implement effective pest control measures to prevent infestations of insects or rodents. With regular inspections and proactive measures, you’ll be sure to keep your facility pest-free.

Waste Management

Hot weather can significantly increase unwanted issues around waste management, such as bad odours. Stay ahead of that and work on a more intensive waste management plan to handle increased waste and maintain clean spaces.

Staff Scheduling

Warm temperatures and nice weather are great reasons for a vacation among your staff. But your buildings need even more attention than usual. Coordinate staff schedules to ensure adequate coverage during time off, preventing gaps in essential maintenance and operations.

Occupancy Management

Holidays cause a lower occupancy during summer. Use sensors to monitor occupied areas and consider closing off unused sections to save on energy and maintenance costs.

Use automation to help you stay on track and not miss anything

As a facility manager, you have a lot on your plate. By preparing a solid and substantial summer safety checklist (you can even use this blog as a starting point) you can already see all the various ways that sensor technology and automated alerts could help you eliminate redundant and time-consuming manual checks and keep your assets and buildings running smoothly.

How can an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) help?

An Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) makes your summer preparations easier. Here’s what you can do:

  • Set alerts for air quality and temperature changes
  • Schedule maintenance, and manage cleaning orders
  • Use sensor data to monitor water temperatures, energy consumption, and identify areas for improvement
  • Create a checklist to facilitate season readiness and streamline operations.

With the right preparation and tools you and your team can enjoy benefits, such as:

  • Reduced Workload: Spread the facility team's workload, reducing stress during holidays.
  • Cost Savings: Efficient energy use and preventative maintenance lower costs and emissions.
  • Improved Satisfaction: Comfortable, well-maintained environments boost employee satisfaction.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Properly maintained systems and solar panels operate more efficiently, reducing energy consumption.

Now that you’re all set, these are some tips to maintain your peace of mind during the summer:

  1. Do regular Inspections: Clean or replace air filters, check for leaks, repair or replace damaged installations, and test alarms and security systems. Reactive maintenance is the most expensive. Preventative maintenance strategies can help you save money, resources, and eliminate asset downtime.
  2. Update Safety Measures: Make sure fire extinguishers are fully charged, conduct water quality tests, and update safety protocols.
  3. Don’t forget about events: Stay on top of the schedule for outdoor activities and events that take place in and around your buildings. Advanced notice of increased traffic, scheduling extra cleaning, and preparing your building users for what’s coming up will go a long way.

Using tools, such as an integrated workplace management system can help you streamline operations, focus on sustainability, and monitor key metrics like indoor air quality, energy consumption, and occupancy. A well-prepared facility ensures a smooth, hassle-free summer, allowing everyone to enjoy the summer season.

Portrait of Inge van de Laar, Facility Manager at Planon.

Inge van de Laar

Manager Global Facilities

Inge van de Laar is the Manager of Global Facilities at Planon, and oversees operations, sustainability initiatives, and global workplace policies. Working at Planon in several roles since 2003, she is service oriented with a background in service delivery, project management and workplace experience.

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