The power of partnerships

Collaboration with industry leaders and specialised technology vendors provides Planon customers with easy access to an ecosystem of market-leading consultancy expertise and a broad choice of specific add-on applications and integrations. Each partner offers its own unique mix of expertise, skills, solutions and services to ensure maximum business value for Planon’s customers.

With its IoT-enabled Open Application Platform Planon can easily integrate with specialised partner applications, connecting products and features that bring additional value to customers and complement the Planon software. .

How to benefit from our partner network

  • Resellers

Planon has built a global network of reseller partners to optimise the delivery of software, manage implementation projects and deliver services to customers as their first point of contact.

  • System integrators

Planon’s system integrator partners are market-leading consultancy experts who are specialised in bringing together enterprise subsystems of smart building technology, business solutions and data into one source of truth and ensuring that those subsystems function together.

  • Technology partners

To deliver best-in-class software and to ensure maximum business value to new, existing and mutual customers, Planon cooperates on a global scale with a network of technology partners.

Find the right partner for you here


Cleaning in the right place at the right time. Soobr offers demand-oriented planning and execution of cleaning tours based on data and artificial intelligence.

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SWYCS is an IoT expert with decades of experience in making buildings smart with its IoT infrastructure. The building equipment which is connected to our infrastructure can easily be monitored and managed through our API. Never before has building-, occupancy-, workplace- and facility management been as flexible and reliable as through our solution.

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Terabee is a leader in People Counting devices that help you maximise your building and real estate assets. From room occupancy, to dwell time, and HVAC integration, Terabee sensors provide accurate data for informed decision-making and energy and cost savings.

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Tjene is a leading technology and digital transformation consulting firm focused on modernising the workplace operations of their cross-industry clients. Tjene has over 20 years of experience implementing Integrated Workplace Management Systems and Business Intelligence solutions at some of the most innovative and creative companies in the world.

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TPEX is a Smart Building Operator, providing daily monitoring of all active building-based systems and directing the entire maintenance process.

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UbiqiSense logo.


UbiqiSense is an award-winning provider of disruptive sensing solutions for smart buildings/cities and retail. See to-the-minute insights into the usage patterns of your meeting rooms, offices, and modern workplace environments. Our analytics platform gives you the insights you need to increase comfort and productivity amongst your employees.

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Logo of company VergeSense.


VergeSense is the leading Workplace Analytics Solution. Businesses use VergeSense to transform static offices into dynamic workplaces. Its AI-driven platform contains sensors that collect real-time data and insights to optimize strategy. VergeSense has integration partnerships with leading workplace technology providers for the best experience.

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Vetasi is a leading international technology consultancy (based in ZA, UK, PL, ES, UA & AU) and implementation company, specialising in Facilities & Asset Management and combines innovative software solutions to make buildings smarter and increase workplace productivity.

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Virtual IT

Virtual IT is an IT Solutions and Services provider with presence in UAE, KSA, Qatar and Cyprus. Since 2004, Virtual IT has been specializing in Facilities and Asset Management digital transformation solutions and related consulting and training services.

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