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Blogs | 04/07/2019
What is an asset?

Traditionally, an asset is defined as property owned by a company or individual that has value. There used to be a more straightforward understanding of what items fit under that definition. 

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Blogs | 03/11/2016
Why having a choice on when and where to work matters

No one likes being stuck. That awful sinking feeling you get when your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Or the thought in your head that won’t translate into a... 

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Blogs | 10/03/2016
The student as an engaged stakeholder in facilities management

For many years, considerable research has been conducted to determine what factors drive a student’s decision when choosing a school. Colleges and universities… 

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Blogs | 11/02/2016
“Infrastructure: If anything exciting happens, we’ve done it wrong”

Have you seen this parody video on infrastructure yet? If not, I recommend watching it now—it’s hilarious. The video, featured on John Oliver’s… 

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Blogs | 21/01/2016
The problem of “too easy”

Have you ever heard of anyone complaining about it being “too easy” to get a meeting room? Probably not. But if people did complain, companies might have… 

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