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Planon maintains a global network of technology partners. Each partner offers its own unique mix of expertise, skills, solutions and services to ensure maximum business value for Planon's customers.

EY Proximity Monitor

EY Proximity Monitor enables you to demonstrate whether and how more people can safely join your bubble: an office, an institute or any other workplace.

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IAdea Room Booking Panel

IAdea’s integrated display panels come with Planon’s software pre-installed, resulting in a visually appealing and user-friendly interface for room booking.

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Combining smart lighting infrastructure with Planon software to enable smart building services that improve workplace efficiency, sustainability and employee engagement.

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Insight from Mobiess

Insight from Mobiess is an advanced mobile solution for compliance, allowing audits, inspections, assessments and observations to be integrated with Planon.

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MailTo TSI Action

This Planon Platform extension enables a faster ‘Send email’ action within Planon ProCenter on any Planon business object.

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MazeMap digital wayfinding

Digital wayfinding providing an improved real-time user experience to occupants and visitors navigating from A to B across campuses and in large buildings.

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MCS supports a connected world by offering managed IoT devices in combination with private networks to facilitate efficient, safe and sustainable workplaces.

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OrthoGraph Enterprise

Operational BIM for occupied buildings. Easily survey and inventory your assets using simple tools and mobile technology for a constantly up-to-date BIM model.

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Planon Connect for Calendar – Microsoft Graph

This Planon Platform connector enables the synchronisation of Microsoft Office365 Calendar items and Planon reservations via the Microsoft Graph API.

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