Good relationships are powerful - and building strong, long-lasting relationships is at the core of an effective network. Whether you're a customer trying to find a Planon partner to work with, a company looking to explore and join our partner ecosystem, or an existing partner within the Planon Partner Program – you've come to the right place!

The worldwide network of Planon partners provides customers with market-leading software and consultancy expertise to address their business needs and deliver the most optimal solution to them. Working together with industry and thought leaders, we can deliver a best in class experience to our customers. That's why we maintain a global network of business partners as resellers and system integrators who implement Planon’s software precisely and functionally, as well as technology partners. Our partners are able to add value to Planon’s innovative software solutions, based on deep market knowledge or longstanding experience, by seamlessly connecting their products and services to Planon’s software. In this way our customers benefit from the advantages of a single platform, and can also employ expert-level software across all areas of their business.

Planon actively participates in a number of industry leading networks, research platforms and peer groups. This market connection ensures that our products and services stay aligned with a wide range of global and local standardization initiatives like IFMA standards, OSCRE and IPD. Our proactive engagement in worldwide research programs and educational networks allows us to release innovative software solutions and technologies that are based on continuously changing market requirements. By sharing our experience and know-how with these networks and with our customers, Planon can further improve the business contribution and value of its Facility Management and Real Estate Management software implementation.

Why work with a partner?

Planon’s partners help companies from different industries and countries to take full advantage of our innovative solutions. At Planon, we combine forces with an ecosystem of partners to make our solutions even more relevant and accessible. We also aim to enable organizations to transition to a more productive way of working.

Planon partners play a crucial role in this process. They can build, expand and enrich the Planon solutions with their products and services to offer end-to-end solutions to customers all over the world. Each partner offers its own unique mix of expertise, skills, and services to provide users with the right solution and reliable advice. 

To guarantee partners are always up-to-date with the latest Planon developments, all Planon partners renew certifications each year. This ensures partners are a valuable resource to our customers and are continuously in-sync to deliver professional services effectively utilizing the Planon solutions. 


Types of partnering

Planon offers multiple partnership opportunities to deliver Planon software to customers. The following types of partnering are designed to support the full spectrum of partnering.


Planon software resellers market, sell, implement, and deliver Planon software independently. We are ready to assist you in the marketing, implementation, and support of Planon products, to help you build competences and increase sales. Your personnel will be trained and qualified through our Partner Academy: learning the Planon fundamentals and going through a solution- and role specific training program.


System integrators

Planon software system integrators market and implement Planon software. Through our Partner Academy your team will receive a solution- and role specific training program, to ensure quality delivery of Planon’s software implementations to our customers.



Planon participates in a wide range of leading networks, industry associations and research platforms. By actively connecting to the market, Planon can align its products and services with national and international standards developed by bodies such as IFMA, CoreNet, LEED, BREEAM ARSEG, ADI, GEFMA, FMA and FMN. Planon’s involvement in global research programs and networks helps Planon to develop innovative software solutions and technologies that meet the ever-changing demands of the market. By proactively sharing its knowledge and experience within these networks, Planon wants to make a concrete contribution to the success of organizations and implementation of IWMS software. 

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Technology partners

Planon software technology partners deliver specialized integration, apps, and other products and/or features that compliment Planon software. We work closely with leading technology vendors to integrate different technologies.