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Planon maintains a global network of technology partners. Each partner offers its own unique mix of expertise, skills, solutions and services to ensure maximum business value for Planon's customers.

Planon Connect for Feedback tool

This Planon Platform extension makes it possible to ask work order requestors to share their feedback on how their request was handled.

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Planon Connect for Forge

This Planon Platform connector enables BIM models that are located in the Autodesk Cloud to be used in Planon ProCenter.

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Planon Connect for Office365 Mailing

This solution offers the ability to connect to Microsoft Office365 mail servers with OAuth authentication for sending emails for notifications from the Planon solution.

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Next-generation office workspace optimization solutions with a highly advanced facility management sensoring solution integrated into Planon software.

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Questionnaire Copy

This Planon Platform extension presents the questions and answers from a completed questionnaire related to a work order in the comments field of the work order.

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REALMAP offers integrated real estate and portfolio management and provides a solution for determining and validating the optimal real estate strategy.

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Engage employees and optimize workplace effectiveness and efficiency by combining Relogix sensor data and insights with Planon facility management software.

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This image shows the logo of the Planon Extension - Today's Reservations app.

Planon Extension - Today's Reservations

Today's reservations placed in a single overview.

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The Evidos Signhost API makes it easy for Planon users to send contracts and other documents to their clients for digital signing.

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