Full cleaning process lifecycle support on one platform

About CleanOnn

As a fully integrated mobile solution connected to Planon Universe, CleanOnn offers full support for organisations that deliver cleaning services in streamlining the cleaning process, from initial contract registration, capacity and operational planning, to operations, quality review and billing preparation.

CleanOnn’s cockpit and dashboards provide real-time insight into the process, support analytics as the basis for process improvements and facilitate greater transparency towards customers.

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Key features

Process efficiency:

  • Increased efficiency in planning of cleaning services (scheduled or ad hoc)
  • Increased efficiency in administrative processes like timekeeping and ticketing
  • Enhanced visibility of capacity requirements/cleaning resource issues by offering in-app dashboards and trend graphs

Quality and customer satisfaction:

  • Insight into how/where to improve quality of resources and services thanks to integrated reporting

Compliance and finance:

  • Improved revenue administration of completed cleaning jobs
  • Increased contractual compliance on soft services

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About AddOnn

AddOnn, a Dutch start-up founded in 2019, develops SaaS solutions as add-ons to existing software platforms, combining state of the art technologies with extensive business knowledge. In developing these SaaS solutions, AddOnn focuses on identifying potential process changes and new business propositions based on new technological possibilities.

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