Trendy workspace environment in a smart office building.


Planon développe son réseau de partenaires technologiques dans le monde. Chaque partenaire apporte son propre savoir-faire, ses compétences, ses solutions et services afin d'accroître au maximum la valeur ajoutée pour les clients Planon.



Monitor and act on the air quality in your building to improve health, wellbeing and productivity of colleagues, visitors and other building occupiers.

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AurAir Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Include AurAir indoor air quality measurements in the Planon facility management system in order to measure, monitor and improve your air quality performance.

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Copy or Move Document to Secure Location

This Planon Platform extension copies or moves the Communication Log Document field value to the Secure Document field after the insertion of a new communication log.

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Automatic User Account Creation

A Planon Platform extension that offers additional functionality for creating and managing Planon user accounts.

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Automatic WebDAV Folder Creation

A Planon Platform extension to automatically create a new folder in WebDAV when a specified field in a record is inserted or updated.

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Use Google Maps Functionality in Planon

This Planon Platform extension enables a Google Maps window to be displayed within Planon, offering functionalities such as filtering and calculating distances between locations.

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bGrid’s integrated sensor technology delivers data related to communication, positioning, sensing and controlling, directly integrated into the Planon Universe.

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BoardOnn enables you to efficiently onboard or update locations, spaces and assets and make cleaning and maintenance processes more efficient and intelligent.

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Building Circularity Index (BCI)

Use the Building Circularity Index tool to determine the circular potential of a building based on recognised methods for environmental impact and circularity.

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