What are the implications for real estate managers of the changing role of the university campus?

The role of the university campus is in constant flux due to the changing needs of its visitors. How should real estate managers respond to this?

Successful workplace management strategy

How new lease accounting standards will impact your business

There will be much change in lease accounting from 1 January 2019. How will the new lease accounting standards impact your business?

Pair of glasses in a workplace.

Will you be ready in time for the new lease accounting standards?

There will be much change in lease accounting from 1 January 2019. What actually is lease accounting? And what exactly is going to change?

Business woman with a phone in her hands.

Responsiveness to change: Mobile for Facility Management

Facility managers find new capabilities with emerging technologies such as web-based software frameworks and a new generation of field-service applications.


Are you ready for the Internet of Money?

All industries will be affected by a new layer of the internet, called the Internet of Money, but nothing has more potential to be transformed than real estate.

Higher education students sitting on the stairs in the hall of a building.

Avoid investing blindly in building expansion

Universities often don’t have enough space for the number of students. How then can they optimise the occupancy of the available space and facilities?

Successful workplace management strategy

Why having a choice on when and where to work matters

No one likes being stuck. That awful sinking feeling you get when your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Or the thought in your head that won’t translate into a...


How my own car shows that the IoT is fulfilling its promise

Deploying the IoT using sensors ensures that a building is always in good condition. With fixed service intervals, the end result is often not the optimum. Scheduled maintenance can lead...

Employees discussing maintenance management

Office staff can still be productive in summer without wearing shorts

Discussion on whether to wear shorts or not, the speed of the fan, or introducing a tropical work schedule when it is extremely hot are not unfamiliar office topics in summer. One colleague thinks…

Two colleagues discussing in the office building

The Internet of Things breaks down the barrier between creative capacity and true innovation

In the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), many devices are equipped with sensors that generate a wealth of data, also known as big data. What does that mean for the way scientist conduct research? And what new insight and innovations does all this data deliver?


Pay as much attention to your sensors as you do to your dog

Using sensors is a much discussed topic in the field of Facility Management. Sensors provide organisations with information on buildings or assets, and they enable areas such as…


Tales on IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT)… I cannot think of any other more widely discussed topic in our field of work today. My mailbox is effectively being spammed with loads...

Groups of students discussing their studies inside the University building's hallway.

Is the Internet of Things a 'game changer' for managing buildings and building-related installations?

IoT developments are making real-time measurement possible for facility managers, enabling immediate intervention if the situation requires it.

Business people gathering and discussing around a table in a meeting room.

Does the generation gap really exist in the workplace?

The average workplace doesn’t connect very well with future generation of employees: the app generation. These are the findings of a recent study on the impact of…

Two colleagues shaking hands in the office building

What real estate management and facility management can learn from marketing

Our entire market principle rests on two cornerstones: supply and demand. The place where these two meet is where economic transactions happen - and where we…

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