Business people having a group discussion about IWMS

What do facility managers really want from the Internet of Things?

During our webinar on the Internet of Things and Smart Buildings, we asked facility managers how they view this topic. We also discussed practical use-cases to help organisations get started. Learn more about these in this blog post.

Two colleagues shaking hands in the office building

IFRS 16 is fast approaching! Is your organisation ready?

The start date of IFRS 16 is approaching fast and organisations are addressing this new standard for lease accounting. What is the current status within your organisation?

productive, collaborative workspaces

Space utilisation: main priority for Real Estate and Facility Management in 2018

In its ‘Green Quadrant IWMS’ report, research firm Verdantix shares insights into the overall strategic priorities for real estate and facilities teams. One of the main priorities is Space Utilisation, where Planon will share some thoughts on.

Glasses on desk in front of computers with coding on the screens

These six strategies are drastically changing the IWMS landscape

Independent research firm Verdantix highlighted six strategies IWMS vendors have recently been implementing. In this blog, we elaborate on each of them.

People commenting data charts

3 new business models for service providers using the Internet of Things

How can service providers benefit from the Internet of Things? Planon presents three business models for service providers to consider.

Biophilic offices enhance workplace experience and enforce sustainability management

‘Building’ healthy buildings? It is possible with the Internet of Things

By using IoT solutions, real estate and facility managers are able to transform their smart buildings into healthy buildings. Read how in this blog.

Employee brainstorming with post-its in the office building

The role of the Internet of Things in attracting and retaining talent

How can real estate and facility managers increase employee engagement, attract, and retain talent and what is the role technology plays in all that?

Two colleagues discussing in the office building

Why technology is not just a ‘driver’ of change in the workplace, but also an ‘enabler’

Drawing up a workplace strategy must be a shared responsibility between real estate, facility, HR and IT managers.

People brainstorming about workplace management

How do real estate and facility managers create the best possible Workplace Experience for millennials?

What should a facility manager take into account now that the number of millennials preparing to enter the workforce is growing?

Business people discussing the sustainable working place

3 developments causing the Real Estate and Facility Management domain to change

Facility and property managers should take three underlying developments into account to explain how their domain is changing over the next five years.

Energy and sustainability labels for building management

The Internet of Things as a remedy for the afternoon dip

The Internet of Things offers the opportunity for facility managers to increase labour productivity combined with a healthier office climate in an easy way.

People working in the modern green office

If you want something done well, outsource it

From a functional perspective, the service provider industry has very specific and extensive requirements for software to manage core business operations.


Let employees create their own favourite workplace with smart software

Employees can discover for themselves just which factors contribute to their productivity, by gaining a better insight into their own needs and preferences.

Maintenance man looking at warehouse

From reactive to proactive maintenance: how maintenance plans are becoming superfluous

The use of sensors will let organisations predict the right maintenance moment, letting them switch over time from reactive to proactive maintenance.

Maintenance worker checking air conditioning data on a tablet

Why having an effective maintenance strategy is essential for each organisation

It’s critical to have an effective maintenance management strategy and a solution that supports the efficient upkeep of your buildings and assets.

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