Energy and sustainability labels for building management

The Internet of Things as a remedy for the afternoon dip

The Internet of Things offers the opportunity for facility managers to increase labour productivity combined with a healthier office climate in an easy way.

People working in the modern green office

If you want something done well, outsource it

From a functional perspective, the service provider industry has very specific and extensive requirements for software to manage core business operations.


Let employees create their own favourite workplace with smart software

Employees can discover for themselves just which factors contribute to their productivity, by gaining a better insight into their own needs and preferences.

Maintenance man looking at warehouse

From reactive to proactive maintenance: how maintenance plans are becoming superfluous

The use of sensors will let organisations predict the right maintenance moment, letting them switch over time from reactive to proactive maintenance.

Maintenance worker checking air conditioning data on a tablet

Why having an effective maintenance strategy is essential for each organisation

It’s critical to have an effective maintenance management strategy and a solution that supports the efficient upkeep of your buildings and assets.

Maintenance worker checking safety requirements on mobile

How to establish the core of your reactive maintenance process

Reactive maintenance is a given thing, as assets will fail sooner or later. How do you establish the core of your maintenance process?

Women signing a document on a desk

How to get your contract management repository in place

What actions should you undertake to set up your contract management repository in order to get the basics in place for effective maintenance management?

Maintenance man doing mechanic check

How to build a structured asset repository

Getting the basics in place for your maintenance management starts with building a structured repository of your assets. Learn how to build one.


7 problems which can be avoided with sound asset management

No insight into the number of business assets and their quality? Asset management is a basis for gaining more control over this.

Green university building.

How universities can contribute to reducing carbon emissions

Many universities want to reduce their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. How do they acquire the right insight to implement improvement measures?

Man working in cafe and on the phone

3 steps to take to meet the new lease accounting standards compliance deadline

There will be much change in lease accounting from 1 January 2019. Learn which 3 steps to take to ensure your organisation will be compliant in time.

Group of people exchanging about notes and data

Why the new lease accounting rules should mean real estate and finance managers joining forces

The new lease accounting rules mean that a real estate and finance manager need each other more than ever before. Collaboration is the key to success


What are the implications for real estate managers of the changing role of the university campus?

The role of the university campus is in constant flux due to the changing needs of its visitors. How should real estate managers respond to this?

Successful workplace management strategy

How new lease accounting standards will impact your business

There will be much change in lease accounting from 1 January 2019. How will the new lease accounting standards impact your business?

Pair of glasses in a workplace.

Will you be ready in time for the new lease accounting standards?

There will be much change in lease accounting from 1 January 2019. What actually is lease accounting? And what exactly is going to change?

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