Office hallway with coloured meeting spaces.

4 tips for a successful IWMS implementation

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear from companies who are interested in Planon’s IWMS solution is: ‘How do we get it successfully implemented?’

Empty filmtheatre with red curtains and white screen

Behind the curtain

In today’s workplaces top performing organisations try to create an overall experience for their employees by creating an engaging workplace. Read this week’s blog to find out who runs the show behind the curtain.

People working in the modern green office.

Can you keep employees engaged during these demanding times?

In this blog, our colleague Leaha Pearman describes the current situation in the US and offers ideas on how you can keep your employees engaged and productive during the pandemic crisis.

Smart Workplace solution in the skyline of Singapore.

Keeping your distance when space is scarce: Adhering to COVID-19 measures in Singapore

In this blog, our colleague Karen Winter describes the unique measures taken against COVID-19 in Singapore and the guidelines the country follows to facilitate a safe workplace re-entry.

Graphic of teamwork between Sales and Marketing departments.

How service providers can meet the changing expectations of their customers

How an integrated software platform can help FM service providers to meet customer expectations whilst also realising their own business objectives.

View of a tech city at night with buildings and digital icons in the background

The future-proof, ever-evolving smart building

This blog discusses the importance of smart building technology today and explains the benefits of bGrid’s smart building solutions – when integrated with Planon software.

Maximize your office space

Pandemic as a driver of change

The real value in creating resilient workplaces is not only in supporting organisations to continue their operations during a further COVID-19 wave, it can be a catalyst to change the workplace to a more adaptive way of working that fits a future generation of office workers.

People brainstorming in the office workspace

Choosing the right solution – a changing landscape

This blog discusses six different perspectives that organisations should consider when selecting the right real estate and facilities software in today’s world of PropTech.

Green building in Singapore

A simplistic sustainability truth

For Earth Day this year (April 22nd), I want to revisit a concept that Planon wrote a lot about last year. My colleague Sanne Oostendorp wondered whether…

Top view of a desk with a laptop, a coffee and some data charts on it.

Three key questions about smart workflow automation for FM service providers

For many facility management service providers, embracing technology and digitalising their business is nothing new. However, some still struggle to automate complex operations. A single software solution could be the answer.

Three people around a meeting table in an open space.

Why Service Providers should embrace a B2B2C business model

When commercial service providers extend their existing ‘business to business’ (B2B) relationship with contract managers to also include the end users and ‘consumers’ of the service this series of interconnected relationships is referred to as the B2B2C-model.

Group of students discussing their study in a meeting room on the campus.

Don’t reinvent the wheel, just realign it

Commercial facility management service providers should consider whether they would rather build a custom solution or buy an existing software system to meet all their specific requirements.

Group of people sitting around a desk and talking about data.

Speeding toward the future of workplace technology

Advanced smart building technologies that were “nice to have” but not required are now moving closer to the category of “workplace essentials” – especially as organisations look for ways to further increase workplace health and safety.

Inside view of office building with plants.

From Smart Building to Learning Building; establish your use case!

What is the value of smart and learning buildings? For organisations and their Facility and Real Estate Managers, it is crucial to research what use cases are relevant and valuable to their organisation.

People doing puzzle to represent team work and cooperation.

How Planon is supporting its customers with their workplace re-entry strategy

Planon released 50 Planon IWMS use cases for supporting a safe, compliant and effective workplace re-entry in times of COVID-19. This blog shows how we are continuing to improve these use cases based on feedback from our user community.

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