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Total Experience: The New Face of Facility Services

Total Experience is the new customer demand. Read this blog to see how it becomes the new face of facility services

Group of people sitting around a desk and talking about data.

How service providers can use technology to meet their sustainability goals

Read this blog to discover how FM service providers can use technology to meet both their customers’ and their own sustainability objectives.

Sustainable greenhouse in office building with plants.

Sustainability and facility management: a blueprint for partnership – part 2

Facility Management is a natural ally for Sustainability initiatives. Facility and Sustainability teams can use this 4-step approach to align and collaborate.

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Sustainability and Facility Management: What's in a methodology? - Part 1

This blog explores a 4-step methodology for accelerating sustainability initiatives that was developed by Alan AtKisson in his book, The Sustainability Transformation.

Green office building with plants.

Transforming a love for sustainability into a 'Love for Talent'

This blog describes how implementing a sustainability strategy will boost brand reputation for FM service providers, making them attractive for new recruits.

Sustainability Management with green office buildings.

FM Outsourcing Market - Remaining Competitive in a Time of Change

This blog describes how the growing focus on sustainability impacts FM services providers and outlines what you can do to implement sustainability successfully.

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Hybrid Working, 10 Trends shaping RE & FM in 2022, and the Future of Work

Here’s a roundup of Planon’s best content from 2021 around the topics of hybrid working, technology, facility management, and the future of work.

Sustainability at higher education institutes: green sustainable campus.

Leveraging the built environment to reach net zero: The start of your sustainability journey

In this blog, Remco van der Mije (KPMG) explains the significant role that building owners and property managers play in our journey towards a net-zero future.

Office buildings managed with integrated sustainability solution.

Don’t forget the ‘G’ in ESG: why facilities should be involved

ESG: environmental, social, and governance – is a hot topic for many organisations discussing sustainability. In this blog, we explore “Governance” from the lens of Facility Management and IWMS.

Office buildings managed with integrated sustainability solution.

The essential role of IoT in achieving sustainable facilities

This blog discusses the positive impact that sustainable FM can have on the physical and social environment, why this is more urgent for FM than ever before, and the role that IoT plays in making sure that the sustainability vision is a success for organisations around the globe.

Birds eye view of a green high school campus.

Creating a Smarter University Campus with Digital Wayfinding and IWMS

This blog discusses which technology solutions – like the joint offering from MazeMap and Planon – can offer enhanced and interactive campus experiences in higher education.

People checking data on a digital screen

Increase margins on hard and soft services with Process Mining

This blog highlights how Process Mining translates analyses into specific actions, helping FM service providers to expand services and improve margins.

Representation of the planet with some coding numbers around

Be ready for digitisation and innovation with an IWMS Open Application Platform

Keep up with the rapid pace of digitisation and innovation in the world of real estate & facility management, and learn more about Planon's open platform strategy.

Kiosk with a floor plan of a building.

Hyperautomation: The best strategy for IFM service provider revenue growth

Hyperautomation is key for IFM service providers looking for new ways to optimise existing processes, explore cutting-edge innovations and exceed customer expectations.

Man working in cafe and on the phone

The Future of Work is Hybrid: What Your Business Should Consider When Moving to a Hybrid Work Strategy

Hybrid working - the idea where an employee splits their time flexibly between the workplace and working remotely - is the future. Read about 4 major considerations in this blog.

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