Thoughtful young African-American businessman looking through a window.

Tame complexity and achieve business success through process standardisation

This second part of the Decision Tree Blog Series explores the benefits of an industry specific solution like PFSBS and how it differs from an IWMS platform.

A person working on the maintenance of solar panels.

Why IoT plays an essential role in achieving sustainable facilities management

IoT is one of the major technological forces enabling organisations to achieve more sustainable management of their building operations and facilities services.

A group of attentive business partners are discussing new ideas.

Choose operational excellence with the right facility services solution

This first part of the Decision Tree Blog Series explores the benefits of Planon’s Facility Services Business Solution and how it differs from a standard ERP solution.

A group of diverse businesspeople smiling and discussing paperwork.

Total Experience: Value through four relevant business perspectives

This blog explores the business theory underpinning and shaping Total Experience and its added value to four business perspectives.

Meeting around cyber technology

Smart Workplace Technology: How to achieve quick wins and long-term gains

How to meet the challenges of workplace strategy and implement an employee-centric approach at the same time? Learn how smart workplace technology can support.

Colleagues discussing real estate management software

A more engaging workplace in the palm of your hand

This blog describes how smart workplace technology can support business resilience and enhance employee engagement.

Workplace meeting and discussion.

Unlocking sustainability with a total experience strategy

There is a growing demand for experienced-based facilities. The new way of gaining a competitive advantage as a facility service provider is by offering memorable experiences.

Colorful neon city downtown with data connection streams

Why Facility Management should be at the heart of your IoT strategy

Facility Management is integral to your IoT strategy if you are looking to maximise profits and improve processes around your building portfolio.

Young people around an office desk.

'One size fits one' in the new workplace

One size does not fit all: In this blog we highlight the importance of stimulating collaboration and teamwork.

Sustainability at higher education institutes: green sustainable campus.

Circularity in the workplace: what is it exactly?

This blog is a source of inspiration for facility and workplace managers and highlights a number of initiatives regarding circularity in the workplace and circular facility management.

People having a group discussion around a meeting table about workplace management.

8 ways HR can improve hybrid working

In this blog, we’ll discuss Planon’s perspective on the role of HR, our experiences, focus and strategies behind a hybrid working model.

Two women drinking coffee in the office.

The impact of hybrid working on a changing world - Part 2

The evolution of workplace impacts processes that people (re)consider when managing life balance, and the way digital developments can support us in catering to the requirements our workforce have for the office.

Woman working from home.

The impact of hybrid working on a changing world - Part 1

The fundamental transformation of the world over the past two years has changed life as we know it. Our jobs may be the same, yet everything else has changed. In this blog, we discuss how the global state of work affects employees and the places we work.

Group of colleagues having a hybrid meeting at work.

Embracing Hybrid Work: A Workplace Revolution is on the Horizon

Many organisations are set to embrace hybrid working - a form of flexible working that allows employees to split their time between attending the workplace and working remotely.

Three women sitting and talking in a clean meeting area.

From Space to Place

The era of Total Experience is upon us. This blog explores the shift IFM service providers are undergoing in meeting client requests to deliver experiences of place, instead of just spaces.

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