Individual workplace in the modern office

Hybrid Working: How Change Starts with Measurements

This blog explores some of the biggest challenges for organisations as they look to implement a successful hybrid working strategy for their employees and workspaces.

Streams of yellow lights in a tunnel.

3 Use Cases to realise the value of hyperautomation for FM service providers

How can service providers benefit from a hyperautomation strategy? Planon presents three use cases for service providers to consider.

Representation of the planet with some coding numbers around

The value of Intelligent Process Automation for FM service providers

This blog explains what FM service providers should consider when implementing a hyperautomation strategy and explores related technologies like process mining.

Board with numbers

Is your valuable data on the driver’s seat, in the boot or is it the oil that keeps your car running?

Understanding that data is essential and can be used to generate value for organisations is crucial in making better use of it. However, organisations still underestimate data’s true value.

Three people around a meeting table in an open space.

Shrinking Real Estate Portfolios and the opportunity for IWMS

As space planning priorities have shifted from densification to ensuring worker health & safety, businesses need more complex views of information to ensure that workplaces support policies & regulations. This blog explores how technology, such as IWMS, can help organisations navigate these times.

Meeting around cyber technology

Why technology will be your right hand and source of knowledge in 2022

Technology will be your best friend in 2022. Hence it is important to Real Estate and Facility Management to get acquainted with that friend in good time.

Hands holding lights to represent meaningful ideas

The Power of Partnership for Smart Building Technologies

With the rise of smart building technology, organisations are implementing one-off IoT initiatives to solve a single issue at a time. Read about the value of connecting systems and technologies to a central software platform like an IWMS.

People doing a puzzle representing a light to demonstrate team work and conceptual ideas

Point Solutions or an integrated solution, why choose?

New technological innovations have revolutionised the way we think about real estate IT strategies. This blog explains why using an IWMS capable of integrating PropTech is the starting point for future-proofing your real estate and facility management.

Man analysing graphics and data on a laptop

Customers leverage workplace management innovations with Planon's open platform

Organisations must be empowered to respond to new challenges. In this blog Iwan van Eldijk explains how Planon’s solutions help building owners become future-ready.

Office hallway with coloured meeting spaces.

4 tips for a successful IWMS implementation

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear from companies who are interested in Planon’s IWMS solution is: ‘How do we get it successfully implemented?’

Empty filmtheatre with red curtains and white screen

Behind the curtain

In today’s workplaces top performing organisations try to create an overall experience for their employees by creating an engaging workplace. Read this week’s blog to find out who runs the show behind the curtain.

People working in the modern green office.

Can you keep employees engaged during these demanding times?

In this blog, our colleague Leaha Pearman describes the current situation in the US and offers ideas on how you can keep your employees engaged and productive during the pandemic crisis.

Smart Workplace solution in the skyline of Singapore.

Keeping your distance when space is scarce: Adhering to COVID-19 measures in Singapore

In this blog, our colleague Karen Winter describes the unique measures taken against COVID-19 in Singapore and the guidelines the country follows to facilitate a safe workplace re-entry.

Graphic of teamwork between Sales and Marketing departments.

How service providers can meet the changing expectations of their customers

How an integrated software platform can help FM service providers to meet customer expectations whilst also realising their own business objectives.

View of a tech city at night with buildings and digital icons in the background

The future-proof, ever-evolving smart building

This blog discusses the importance of smart building technology today and explains the benefits of bGrid’s smart building solutions – when integrated with Planon software.

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