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Hybrid Working, 10 Trends shaping RE & FM in 2022, and the Future of Work

On again. Off again. On again. Off again. On again. 2021 was another year of uncertainty, with none of us really knowing which way to turn. Not least for those in the real estate and facility management world, as they dealt with the effects of continued quarantines and shutdowns on the built environment and the workforce. We learned to adapt fast – and then adapt all over again as the world continued to brace itself against Covid. But, just like you, Planon kept going. And we continued to support our customers as they introduced new ways to manage their buildings, workspaces, and assets, all while keeping their workforce safe and productive.

But the pandemic stimulated innovation, both in product and in process. We had important conversations with our customers around best practices for hybrid working, health & safety initiatives, and how to choose the right technologies to enable the Future of Work – conversations that previously may not have been top of the agenda, but that are continuing in 2022 with renewed enthusiasm.

So – in case you missed it! Here’s a roundup of our best content and the hottest topics from 2021 to help you jumpstart your strategies around the workplace in 2022.

  1. 5 Best Practices for Success in the Hybrid Working Era
  2. 10 Trends that will shape RE & FM by 2022
  3. Facility Management, Technology & the Future of Work

1. Analyst Report - 5 Best Practices for Success in the Hybrid Working Era

This report investigates possibilities for the future evolution of the workplace and outlines five best practices for success in the hybrid working era. Leaders in facilities management, real estate and workplace experience should use this report to enhance their business resilience and strengthen their strategies around hybrid work.

    2. White Paper - 10 Trends that will shape Real Estate and Facility Management by 2022

    This white paper discusses ten trends that were expected to bring about new realities by 2022, providing facility and real estate managers with focus and guidance.

    3. Roundtable Discussion – Facility Management, Technology & the Future of Work

    The way organisations approach return-to-work challenges now will result in short-term AND long-term effects for real estate and facility managers, HR, IT, workplace strategists, and more. And organisations around the world are testing new approaches every day.

    To discuss these new approaches to the future of work and analyse some of the lasting effects we expect to see from the perspective of RE & FM, Planon brought together a panel of experts from Frost & Sullivan, KPMG, Schneider Electric and Philips.

    Hungry for more? You can find even more great content – and filter by topic – in the Planon Resource Library. What important topics would you like to see Planon explore in 2022? Be sure to let us know.

    Keely Ferrara

    Keely Ferrara

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