Video - Discover Planon's Lease Accounting

Organisations must prepare for new lease accounting regulations from FASB and IASB, effective January 2019. Get compliant now with Planon's Lease Accounting. It is time to act right now. Watch this short video on how to get compliant.

Recorded February 1st, 2017

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Brochure - Planon Universe for Financial Professionals

Since January 2019, organisations must comply with new lease accounting regulations from FASB and IASB. Get compliant now with Planon Universe for Financial Professionals. 

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White Papers 05/04/2017
Article - Lease accounting compliance

This article discusses the changes that the new IFRS and FASB lease accounting standards will impose on real estate lease practices. Their implications encompass more than merely reporting: it may well impact decision-making procedures as well as lease administration processes themselves. 

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Infographics 03/03/2017
Infographic - Get in control of your real estate, lease contracts and financial obligations

Discover the actual situation within corporate real estate, new challenges of corporate real estate managers, as well as upcoming changes that will influence the real estate landscape. 

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