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Smart building platforms integrated with an IWMS deliver recommendations to make better decisions, drive faster responses with effective actions, reduce compliancy risks, increase ROI on maintenance efforts, and ultimately contribute to transform your smart buildings into smart business.

Automate your decision-making process for smarter business

Interested in learning more about the benefits of real-time integrating an IWMS in your smart building platform? Read our white paper to find out more about it. 

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White Papers 11/08/2020
White Paper - Transforming smart building technology

Read this 9-page white paper to learn how integrating a smart building platform with an IWMS allows organisations to exploit and realise the most value from their portfolio for both their business and its occupants. 

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White Papers 05/11/2019
Article - The ambiance of ambience: How AI changes occupant experience

The interaction of humans with technology has changed. What seems to be emerging more and more is the ‘smart environment’, in which a place, such an office, can hear us and see us, and take actions without our explicit intervention. 

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White Papers 23/08/2019
White Paper - Use your data to prove the value of corporate real estate and facility management

This 11-page white paper helps you decide what – and how – to measure, analyse and report on real estate and facility management data. 

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