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Implementing a global IWMS

Global processes only or combined with local fine-tuning

Over the decades, corporate real estate and facilities management information systems evolved into the extensive systems that they are today, supporting the full scope of CRE and FM activities.

The time when a local manager looked after local housing demand has gone. In many organisations, Corporate Real Estate (CRE) and Facilities Management (FM) have become integrated corporate functions. In this era of change, establishing the need for a global IWMS is easy. However, implementing global processes and a worldwide system in complex multicultural environments is certainly not easy.

Once the decision has been made to implement an IWMS and the preferred system has been selected, there are several specific challenges facing cross-border rollouts. Supporting multiple sites in multiple countries with different cultures, legislation and circumstances present additional difficulties and choices.

Some of the main choices that will be faced and will be discussed here are:

  • Global processes only or combined with local fine-tuning?
  • What system languages, currencies and standards are used?
  • ‘Big Bang’ implementation or a phased rollout in each site or country?
  • What global or local systems need to be integrated and how?
  • Use available ‘Best Practices’ or design and build your bespoke solution?

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