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Point solutions or an integrated solution: why choose?

The best of both worlds

Most organisations opt for either the use of point solutions or an integrated solution to automate their real estate and facility management processes.

However, the rapid emergence of PropTech, means that organisations should instead start with ‘both/and’ thinking!

Today, an IWMS must be able to integrate new technologies - and the possibilities that come with them - in an easy, consistent and flexible way. Planon has opened up its software platform to a global network of PropTech technology partners whose solutions complement and directly interact with the business processes supported by our IWMS.

Read this e-book to learn more about:

  • Planon’s expectations around the rise of PropTech
  • our partnerships in the area of Space & Workplace Management
  • the added value of an Open Application Platform for your organisation

Download a free copy of the e-book by filling out the form on this page.

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