Smart buildings with datastream in Tokyo.

Smart, Connected & Dangerous: Assessing the impact of digital business on real estate

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The future of real estate business technologies takes shape - or, rather, many shapes.

Although most of today’s advances in technology did not have real estate or workplace applications in mind, they do have the potential to make enormous changes to the way professionals in those areas conduct their businesses, serve their clients and meet their obligations.

The focus on key technological advances is affecting our lives in every way: mobile applications that are used to book a hotel or a room, the creation of Bitcoin, vending machines that reorder their own supplies, or smart lifts that are available at the exact time of need. Although the benefits of these technologies appear obvious, risk does loom in the distance.

In this article, Planon’s David Karpook takes a productive approach to this topic and considers the benefits and dangers of this evolving landscape, and the effect on the future of business real estate.

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This article is originally ran in the Corporate Real Estate Journal, a professional journal for corporate real estate executives.

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